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Clio: The Undergraduate History Journal

Clio is a peer-reviewed undergraduate academic journal created to showcase the highest caliber of research completed by Undergraduate History students at the University of Ottawa. This journal is a semiautonomous entity of the University of Ottawa History Students’ Association (AÉHSA). It was conceived in the spring of 2013 as part of a competition to improve the academic experience of Undergraduate History students. Clio is published online, as well as in print form.

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Work on Clio, volume XI, has started!

We thank everyone who applied to be part of this year's volume of Clio. Clio, volume XI will be published in March 2024. In the meantime, please read all the previous volumes of Clio on this page.

Read last year's volume here!

Vol. X Cover Design: Ariana Xidaní Hernández (@la_chicadelosgirasoles) 


What is Clio?

Clio is uOttawa’s Undergraduate History Journal. It is issued once a year and is run entirely by uOttawa students. Clio publishes between 10-15 research papers written in upper year (3000- and 4000-level) history classes, which are then edited and approved by a team of undergraduate editors (chosen from all years).

Who are the Co-Directors?

The Clio Co-Directors are Katie Harwood and Bradley Laferrière-Boileau. Have any questions? Contact them at

How can I get invoved with Clio? 

Students can participate in Clio as co-directors or editors.

How can I become an editor?

The applications for Clio editors are closed at the moment.

To apply please send your application to with the following attached:
- Resume.
- Short cover letter (1-2 paragraphs) explaining why you would be a good fit for the position of editor.

Participating in Clio as an Editor is a great addition to your CV and is a good opportunity for students thinking of post-graduate studies or even just to bolster your resumé.
Chance to develop your skills in writing and editing, get more involved in the Department, and get to know fellow History students and professors.
IMPORTANT: If you become an editor you won’t be able to submit a paper to the journal next semester.

How can I submit my paper to Clio?

We are no longer accepting papers for the 2023-2024 Clio edition.

Past Clio Publications 


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